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Meet the talented and motivated people behind Atracsys Interactive and learn more about who we are.

Today, we would like to introduce to you Xavier Good, Senior Software Engineer.

Xavier Good Atracsys Interactive

Xavier Good

Senior Software Engineer

Xavier, can you introduce yourself?

You’ll be surprised, but I’m the musician in the band!

Indeed, my career path is quite atypical – I studied saxophone for 5 years and I obtained my master’s degree at the University of Music Lausanne (HEMU). Apart from music I also have a passion for computers, I thus completed my skills with a master’s degree in Computer Science at EPFL. I joined Atracsys Interactive in 2014.

Today, I work as a Senior Software Engineer, and I still record and play with my bands during my free time.

What is your role within Atracsys Interactive?

My role at Atracsys is mainly internal development. I work on the development and maintenance of the Atracsys libraries and basic tools on which our solutions are built. Over the years, I have acquired a pretty good overview of the entire pipeline and therefore naturally took a coordinating role for development planning and validation of the new functionalities integration.

According to you, what are the assets of the company?

I would say that being based in Lausanne and Zug gives us a cultural proximity with our clients who really appreciate it. In addition, as a small team, we are not too hierarchical, which makes us very responsive for tailor-made solutions and support.

What do you particularly like in your work?

Open-mindedness, when we discuss solutions and possibilities, everybody among the team, including the bosses are always open to discussion and that gives us the opportunity to sharpen our decisions.