Multi-Language – No need to say “Pardon my French”

We all need to communicate about our brand and product, but to well-targeted audiences. However, audiences are different and also speak different languages – Switzerland is our best example!

In order to keep multi-user experience alive, the PopupExperience needs to be proactive to take up this challenge.

Your PopupExperience application can be deployed in several languages – English, French, German, Spanish, and much more according to your needs.

The main goal is to allow people who don’t speak the same language, to be able to simultaneously view the content they are interested in, in their own language.

Through a click button, the visitor chooses his language and will visualise the document or video, according to his nationality. But, if another user is already reading a piece of information, his content will remain in the original language.

This is a boon for many of our clients, such as museums or Fortune 500 companies.