NFC Tag Reader

NFC Tag Reader – Bridging digital content and physical objects.

Communicating through a digital screen is commonplace today, making our PopupExperience apps perfect solutions to present your products via interactive images and videos. But sometimes it’s simply better when customers can touch and see these products for themselves.

As a way to bridge the gap between object and screen, we have integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality into our apps. This technology is common in contactless payment cards, transport passes, etc.

Thanks to the NFC module, you can introduce your solutions around the screen and allow the visualization of specific content by interacting with physical objects. The interaction is dynamic, the wow-effect is present, and customers are even more involved in your presentation process.

There are many application examples, from the playful exploration of a product range up to personalized invitations: everything is possible. This feature can also be used internally to display exclusive content, e.g. to show a prototype, without making it public to unauthorized users.

Find out more by checking out the following usecases: Rotho, Z├╝hlke

NFC Card Reader - PopupExperience By Atracsys Interactive