Messe Luzern

Messe Luzern is the operator of the exhibition center with a large variety of offers and a modern infrastructure for exhibitions and events all year round.

This project is present at its own stand at the exhibition and serves as a presentation of the company Messe Luzern. The app informs the public about their diversified product range, aiming to acquire new customers and attract visitors to futures events.

Thanks to Atracsys Interactive’s PopupExperience application, the company flexibly provides various information to visitors on an atracTouch 55″ 4K kiosk.

This solution is like an information center displaying attractive multimedia material. In addition, the PopupExperience is a global information point for Messe Luzern, as it helps to find different locations in the place such as halls, arenas, several fields of activity (gastronomy, tourism, etc.)

The app also presents past and future events on videos, pictures and information sheets promoting the different events of companies, sports and cultural events, congresses, etc.

This multi-touch solution reaches a large audience thanks to memory games, to promote new services such as “content marketing” for their customers.

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