Museum Bülach

Bülach is a historic town located in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland.
In this museum, the public can discover many interesting facts about the city and its surroundings, such as Zurich Airport, thanks to the interactive table and its memory wall.

Through a detailed chronology over several eras, Museum Bülach explains the evolution of the population, as well as other historical elements. This new permanent exhibition is intended to provide a contemporary insight into the past and future history of the city and the Zurich plains.

The Bülach district is situated near to the Zurich Airport and the River Rhine and has over 20’000 inhabitants.

The project was called “Time Travel” as the main goal of the permanent exhibition is to illustrate the impressive development of the city with media content such as pictures and films from a large historical archive.

For the museum, it is a significant and sensible step towards digitization. Thomas Zaugg, board member of the museum, explains:

Thomas Zaugg Museum Bülach Atracsys

Thomas Zaugg

Board Member

“In the course of expanding the museum, we wanted to send visitors on a time travel through the history of Bülach over the last 150 years. On a map, pictures and information about buildings, squares and traffic routes were to be discovered in a playful way at various points.

For the realization of our project we were looking for a competent partner in order to realize the idea with contemporary media means. Together with Atracsys Interactive our ideas were developed and implemented in a short time.

The multi-touch table with its fascinating possibilities enthused our museum visitors on the very first day and is the main attraction of the new exhibition Bülach Entdecken.”

Discover our new filter module

Bülach Museum offers a high detailed chronology of historical elements. As this mass of information can be overwhelming, a very precise filtering method was established using the latest feature of the PopupExperience application: the Filter Module.

For Museum Bülach, two filter categories were established:

  • A well defined subject, such as nature and environment, public institutions, historical places, districts, transports, industries.
  • Chronological time periods, from 1850 to the present day.

This allows users to find information quickly and accurately according to a given topic and/or time period.

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