Retraites Populaires

At Comptoir d’Oron (VD), April 2019, Retraites Populaires introduced their new 3rd pillar solution

At Comptoir d’Oron, retraites Populaires introduced their new 3rd pillar solution. The goal of running such an interactive display was to attract the prospective buyers and customers towards this new offer.

With two tables at the booth, Retraites Populaires advisers could present their product through videos, simplified brochures or explanatory images. “The table is a fun and accessible way to fire up the interest of visitors.”
Beyond these presentations, the goal was to generate new leads and collect information from the visitors. To accomplish this, Sébastien’s trick was to let people win prizes by playing a game.

“The use of interactive technology clearly modernizes the brand image and is an excellent vector to get in touch with prospects”.

Sébastien Perrin, Sponsoring Manager

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