ExpoEvent – Xaver Award

The Xaver Award is the most important national trophy of the Swiss LiveCom industry. Since 2002, the award ceremony takes place every spring in one of the hottest locations in Zurich.
ExpoEvent, the Swiss professional association for live communication, requested Atracsys Interactive, to provide a glamorous multi-touch solution for the Xaver Award ceremony in May 2019.
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The Xaver Award aims to make the success of live communication measures and outstanding achievements in the expo and event industry known to a wider public and to show how they are implemented by the best in the industry.

The muffled atmosphere of the place gave a very luxurious aspect to the whole ceremony. Around 800 people from the Who’s who Swiss Live-Com industry gathered to take part in this extraordinary event.

The app was available and displayed on 4 multi-touch tables, which were located in several places the event location. The interactive tables, with a very simple black design and an animated golden screen-saver, corresponded harmoniously to the theme.

The main purpose of running a PopupExperience application was to introduce all nominated projects to the professional audience as a festive looking interactive experience. At any time during the event, people could get information about the different candidates and their projects.

ExpoEvent also noticed that the complete overview and quick access to all projects was a great advantage during the ceremony, and gave a quality communication. Indeed, this new type of communication was appreciated not only by the visitors but also by nominees.

Another advantage was the networking opportunity – user share with others what they were looking at, while others were playing a Memory game. In addition, nominated companies and sponsors were highlighted with specific content and large logos.

After the official award ceremony, a second PopupExperience application introducing the winners was available at the network party.

“The cooperation with Atracsys Interactive SA worked perfectly. We are looking forward to the next event with Atracsys as service provider!”

Evelyn Mischler, Managing Director

Evelyn Gfeller Xaver Award Atracsys Interactive

In collaboration with partner design agency:
Nordjungs GmbH

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