Meet the Team

Meet the talented and motivated people behind Atracsys Interactive and learn more about who we are.

Today, we would like to introduce to you, Stephen Neithardt, Senior Backend Developer.

Stephen Neithardt

Senior Backend Developer

Stephen, can you introduce yourself?

After finishing my studies as a Physicist, I came around to the software development industry and found Atracsys back in 2013. I left them a year later to try out my luck as a freelance web developer.

Come late 2016, I was back again, having missed the great colleagues we have here at Atracsys Interactive.

What is your role within Atracsys Interactive?

I am in charge of our cloud server, where all our client data is stored. It is also our nexus from which we control and deploy most if not all of our software. It’s a full-stack position, with multiple aspects of development, cybersecurity, database design and user experience, to name a few.

Also I often offer my outside C# viewpoint to the other developers, having weird ideas that might just work, challenging established or assumed rules in our code base.

According to you, what are the assets of Atracsys?

We have a great development team, ready to tackle any new challenge our clients could throw at us. We also have a great framework and a huge amount of experience in multi user multi touch scenarios. Our main product is highly customizable, and we can always expand on it. We’re jack of all trades yet master of most!

What do you particularly enjoy in your line of work ?

The interdisciplinary aspect of my work is a boon. It is great mental gymnastics to work with weakly typed interpreted languages, where the debugging only happens at runtime. Keeping it all together is always a challenge, if only reality worked as it does in theory, I’d have less bug fixing to do. Still, it’s part of the fun.