Survey Form & Quiz

Survey & Quiz: Is that your final answer?

It is always useful to know what your visitors think after a visit to your premises, during a temporary exhibition, or during an event.
Why not propose a satisfaction survey to find out their expectations?

Through a form, you can ask specific questions to your audience and get the answers in real-time on your Content Management System.
The module can also be expanded into a playful and fun quiz game, focusing on your brands and solutions.

You can use targeted questions to evaluate the satisfaction of visitors’ experience, for example, generating leads with a competitive survey, accepting and drawing conclusions from an opinion poll, or simply asking them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Quiz are also available in multi-player mode: Multiply the entertainment factor by switching the quiz to multiplayer mode. In this way, a player can invite up to 3 other people to join in a challenge with access to a large catalogue of questions.

For instance, at the end of the day, you can rate how familiar your visitors are with your brand. When the quiz is over, a ranking list is created among the 4 players: everyone is then placed in a high score list and can possibly enter a draw to win a reward.

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