Dive – Corporate Metaverse

Your New Virtual Showroom, Online Art Gallery, Museum/Exhibition, Onboarding & Webinar Solution, Virtual Trade-Show Booth

Welcome your audience in a completely new world. Put your products in context of a realistic 3D environment, and let everyone take a good look around. Visitors will become empowered participants, and their engagement with your brand will create memorable experiences.

  • Truly immersive, interactive 3D environments
  • Activate emotions through distance
  • User-friendly, easy and intuitive navigation
  • No installation – readily accessible in the browser
  • Accessible 24/7/365

Turn visitors into participants who engage actively with your brand

With our corporate metaverse Immensive Dive you get an all-in-one solution for your virtual branded universe:

  • Fully customizable 3D environment
  • Manipulation of 3D objects
  • Audio/video-communication layer
  • Together-Mode*)
  • Integrated lead generation manager
  • Analytics: Know exactly where visitors spend their time and what products they are interested in

*) Together-Mode lets you share a virtual environment in a way that a presenter or sales person can take the lead and show others around.

Ready to boost your business to the next level?